20 Jan 2018

VSAP Leads visit with King County Election Officials

On January 8th, members of the VSAP visited the King County Elections office in Renton, Washington. With over 1.2 million registered voters, King County is the largest election jurisdiction in the US that conducts their elections by mail. Our team was provided with a tour of the King County Elections facility and an overview of their operations.

From left to right: Brian Ikenaga, Elio Salazar, Nate Valderas (King County), Jerelyn Hampton (King County), Paul Tran, Tanya Ramirez, Tim McNamara, Adrian Avelar

This visit was a great learning opportunity for our Vote by Mail, Facilities and Tally teams. We took away a lot of good information and best practices that we will incorporate into our future operations. The elections facility was quite impressive and had many great features for both efficiency and transparency. It is a great example of how real investment into the elections process yields many immediate benefits for election administrators and most importantly the public.