Three Easy Steps concept

Three Easy Steps

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T hree Easy Steps allows people to take very clear and distinctive actions at each stage of the voting process. By decentralizing the system, people can visibly see what is expected from beginning to end. With fewer points of interface at each stage, the experience becomes easier and less intimidating. For poll workers, lightweight components make it easier to transport, support and swap parts out on Election Day, eliminating downtime. In addition, the scalability of the system allows LA County to project ahead and pivot as needs change.
  • name : Three Easy Steps
  • considerations : Cost, System/Boot Requirements, Integrity, Instill Public Trust, Voter Ease of Use, Transparency


Technical/Mechanical Considerations

  • Explore mechanical functions for stands and device clamps
  • Explore printer/scanner devices, ink delivery systems i.e., thermal printing, inkjet, laser
  • Explore impact durability of tablet

Design/Ergonomic Considerations

  • Explore station identification
  • Explore station configurations
  • Explore color, material and finish
  • Refine industrial design

Usability/Cognitive Understandings

  • Explore step-by-step instructions
  • Explore privacy threshold