One Simple System

One Simple System

concept info

O ne Simple System provides an all-in-once solution that simplifies steps and allows voters to work their way through the ballot in a single location, eliminating excessive navigation around the polling location.
The station itself is easy for voters to adjust and modify themselves allowing for complete voting independence. For poll workers, setup and Election Day support is minimized, although transport and storage remains a consideration.
  • name : One Simple System
  • considerations : Cost, System/Boot Requirements, Integrity, Instill Public Trust, Ease of Use, Transparency


Technical/Mechanical Considerations

  • Explore mechanical functions for telescoping legs and tilting screen
  • Explore printer/scanner devices, ink delivery systems i.e., thermal printing, inkjet, laser
  • Explore stability and proportion

Design/Ergonomic Considerations

  • Explore range of motions through user testing
  • Explore color, material and finish
  • Refine industrial design

Usability/Cognitive Understandings

  • Explore UI interface in conjunction with hardware
  • Explore privacy threshold