Vote Your Way concept

Vote Your Way

concept info

V ote Your Way supports the wide variety of voter needs and preferences in a way that feels customized ot the individual, allowing for complete voting independence. So whether someone prefers to vote privately, communally, or seated in a chair, this flexible tablet-based concept brings the experience to the voter and lets them decide the best way to cast their vote. For poll workers, setup and storage is streamlined, allowing volunteers to focus more on interpersonal interactions.
  • name : Vote Your Way
  • considerations : Cost, System/Boot Requirements, Integrity, Instill Public Trust, Voter Ease of Use, Transparency


Technical/Mechanical Considerations

  • Explore mechanical functions for articulating stand and four legged stand
  • Explore printer/scanner devices, ink delivery systems i.e., thermal printing, inkjet, laser
  • Explore impact durability of tablet

Design/Ergonomic Considerations

  • Explore scanning and tablet docking interface
  • Explore color, material and finish
  • Refine industrial design

Usability/Cognitive Understandings

  • Explore data transferring technologies between tablet and printer
  • Explore privacy threshold